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Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls
Crysstal Balls are perhaps the best known image of divination. They are really used as a form of scrying and are deeply connected to the earth as we use Her orbs to try to see what may come.

Clear Crystal Ball 150mm

Clear Crystal Ball 150mm 45-FC150
Most commonly, the Crystal Ball is used as a focus for divination, frequently involving gazing into its depths and seeking hints and answers about the future.
Price: $118.95

Large 3-Legged Wooden Cobra Stand 10"

Large 3-Legged Wooden Cobra Stand 10" 45-IBS10
A unique and lovely addition to any home or sacred space, this wooden stand has been carved so as to present that fold out from a central joint without the use of any seams or hinges.
Price: $9.95
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