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Rune Sets

Rune Sets
Our extensive collection of Runes provides you with a variety of Runes for whatever purpose you can imagine. We offer Norse, Elder Futhark and Witches runes on everything from bone and amethyst to quartz and glass, allowing you to cast your runes in divination or otherwise use them in your ritual magic.

Amethyst Rune Set

Amethyst Rune Set 45-RRAME
These hand-crafted runes are wonderfully made of tumbled and polished Amethyst stones, shaped so as to provide 25 rune stones, worked into an even shape and design.
Price: $24.95

Bloodstone Rune Set

Bloodstone Rune Set 45-RRBLO
This rune set provides 25 tumbled and polished bloodstones, each hand crafted to provide an even shape and design. 
Price: $32.95

Bone Rune Set

Bone Rune Set 45-RRBON
This powerful set of Runes presents 25 pieces, each hand-crafted from water buffalo bone, and polished and shaped so as to present each rune with a rounded, square backdrop.
Price: $16.95

Carnelian Rune Set

Carnelian Rune Set 45-RRCAR
A semi-precious stone often used for magical purposes, Carnelian is said to aid in making clear decisions and reveal hidden talents. As you might imagine, with the runes of the elder Futhark carved into their surface the benefits they offer to divination are many.
Price: $19.95

Clear Quartz Rune Set

Clear Quartz Rune Set 45-RRQUA
Sculpted of tumbled clear quartz, a stone highly valued for its spiritual and energetic qualities, this rune set offers 25 stones for your divination.
Price: $19.95

Moonstone Rune Set

Moonstone Rune Set 45-RRMOO
These hand-crafted runes are carved of tumbled and polished moonstone, beautifully shaped so as to provide 25 rune stones (one blank stone) that have been worked into an even shape and design.
Price: $32.95

Natural Wood Rune Set

Natural Wood Rune Set
The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and one blank rune are burnt in poplar wood; ideal for any reading or divination work. An economical choice for a learner set of runes.
Price: $9.86

Rose Quartz Rune Set

Rose Quartz Rune Set 45-RRROS
Born of the Norse traditions of divination and magic, this Rose Quartz Rune Set is a beautiful tool for divination for any magical practitioner.
Price: $22.95

Seven Chakra Rune Set

Seven Chakra Rune Set 45-RR7CHA
Blending Norse traditions with the Hindu concept of the seven chakras, the 7 Chakra Rune set presents the traditional 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and a single blank rune, all a carved into seven different precious stones, each representing one of the seven chakras.
Price: $22.95
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